A student in the United States has an friend overseas with whom she corresponds by computer. The foreign student says, "if you write the latitude and longitude of my school in radians instead of degrees, you get the coordinates 0.6227 radians north latitude and 2.438 radians east longitude". Convert the coordinates back to degrees

Accepted Solution

Answer:35.68° north latitude and 139.69° east longitudeStep-by-step explanation:We know that [tex]\pi[/tex] radians is equal to 180°.To convert radians to degrees, we multiply the radian measure by the ratio  [tex]\frac{180}{\pi}[/tex]Thus,[tex]0.6227*\frac{180}{\pi}=35.68[/tex]and[tex]2.438*\frac{180}{\pi}=139.69[/tex]Hence, the coordinate (in degrees) are 35.68° north latitude and 139.69° east longitude