Find the volume of the solid shown below

Accepted Solution

Answer:960 cubic cm.Step-by-step explanation:We have to find the volume of a solid figure as detailed in the attached photo. The topmost part of the solid is a pyramid with a square base. The square base has a dimensions 6 cm by 6 cm and the height of the pyramid is 4 cm, then the volume is Β  [tex]\frac{1}{3} \times (\textrm {Area of base} \times {\textrm {Height}}) = \frac{1}{3} \times 4 \times 6^{2} = 48[/tex] cubic cm. Now, the volume of the bottom cuboid of the pyramid is Β = Height Γ— Length Γ— Width = 12 Γ— 6 Γ— 6 = 432 cubic cm. And finally, the volume of the other cuboid = 10 Γ— 8 Γ— 6 = 480 cubic cm. Hence, the total volume of the solid is (48 + 432 + 480) = 960 cubic cm. (Answer)