Paul has a spinner with 4 colors green yellow blue and orange he spins the spinner 60 times Paul will spin the spinner an additional 450 times how many times should he expect to land on blue

Accepted Solution

Answer:Around 127 times totalStep-by-step explanation:Assuming the spinner is in perfect working condition and that the colors are equally distributed around the spinner, the chances of it stopping on the blue are the same as the ones stopping on the green or the yellow or the orange.Paul already completed 60 spins, and will do 450 more... for a total of 510 spins.Since the chances of landing on blue is roughly 1 out of 4 (25%), the spinner should land on that color 25% of the 510 spins... soblue color = 0.25 * 510 = 127.5 times...Of course we have to round that number to get a whole number... so 127.That's not an absolute number because it cannot be fully predicted, but it should be around that number, not around 10 nor around 400.