the roof of the house down the road is in the shape of a square pyramid the gutter to the top is 15ft. and the length of the gutter on one side is 18 ft. with no overlap. one bundle of shingles covers 25 square feet. how many bundles should you buy to cover the roof?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:22 bundles of shingles are required to cover the roof.Step-by-step explanation:A square pyramid roof has five total sides. A square base and 4 equilateral triangle. The 4 triangular sides are to be covered by shingles.Given:The gutter to top = height = 15 ftThe length of the gutter on one side = length of roof base = 18 ftArea covered by one bundle of shingles = 25 square feet.Bundles to be bought = x = ?Area to be covered by shingles = 4*Area of one side= 4*((height*length)/2)= 4*((15*18)/2)= 4*135= 540 square feetNow x = Area/ area covered by one bundlex = 540/25x = 21.6x = 22 bundles