The table gives the average temperature on the surface of a few planets. Planets Temperature (°C) Venus 449 Earth 7 Neptune -201 Saturn -139 Mars -63 Identify the planet whose temperature is closest to 0°C and the planet whose temperature is farthest from 0°C.A)VENUSB)EARTHC)NEPTUNED)SATURNE)MARS

Accepted Solution

Answer:The correct answers are A and B. The planet whose temperature is closest to 0ºC is Earth, and the one whose temperature is farthest to 0ºC is Venus. Step-by-step explanation:As established by the table, the Earth has an average ambient temperature of about 7ºC, which moves 7 units of measurement away from the value of 0ºC, which makes the planet from the list with a temperature closer to 0ºC. In turn, Venus has a temperature of 449°C, which removes it 449 degrees from the temperature of 0°C, thus making it the planet on the list whose temperature is the furthest from 0ºC.